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Grieving Families Need Your Support

Murder exacts a tremendous physical and emotional toll on individuals, families and entire communities. Surviving family members of a homicide victim face the additional trauma and stress of having to bury their loved one, often with insufficient financial resources.

Funds for burials, especially cemetery costs, are the biggest and most immediate hurdles a family must address. These costs include: the purchase of a cemetery plot, opening and closing of the grave.  Cemeteries do not offer financing; therefore families must come up with the payment upfront before a burial can happen. The Peace Institute has established the REST IN PEACE Fund and is leading a collaborative effort to ensure that financial resources are available to families of homicide victims when they need them most. 

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Transforming Society's Response to Homicide.

About Louis D. Brown Peace Institute

The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute assists and empowers families impacted by violence by providing support to survivors of homicide.

Applying their peace curriculum in area schools, the Peace Institute works to instill the value of peace in young people. Through education, collaboration, and policy advocacy, the Peace Institute works to raise awareness of the cause and consequences of violence on the individual, the family, and the community.

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