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ABOUT 2020 Mothers Day Walk for Peace

Every year in the United States, approximately 15,000 people are murdered. For every homicide victim, there are at least 10 immediate people directly impacted by that loss. It is safe to say each year there are at least 150,000 new survivors of homicide victims dealing with the emotional, physical and financial stress of losing a loved one to a traumatic death such as murder. This is not including extended family members, classmates/colleagues, teachers/students or entire communities. Nor does this number include families who are impacted by a loved one committing a murder. Together, we can heal and have an impact. 

The Annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace started in 1996 so mothers of murdered children could receive support and love from their neighbors. Twenty-four years later, the Mother’s Day Walk for Peace continues to be a powerful way to honor our loved ones who have been murdered and embrace our partners in peacemaking. The Mother’s Day Walk for Peace  is also the Peace Institute’s largest fundraising event. We hope you will help us raise our goal of $400,000. This way toward healing!

Important COVID-19 Pandemic Update:

The Mother’s Day Walk for Peace will still take place, as a virtual walkathon. While we may not be able to gather physically on Mother’s Day, you have proven year after year how deeply you care about the communities we serve -- Survivors of Homicide Victims, their families, and neighbors. Your help ensures that the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute’s critical services, advocacy and training continue to meet the immediate and evolving needs of survivors. When you reach your goal it ensures that the Peace Institute has the financial resources necessary to transform society’s response to homicide during this unprecedented crisis.

Registration cost this year is $20 per person, however no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Registration fees go to help us reach our goal of $400,000 to sustain our services, advocacy and training.
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Name Date Amount Comments
Mary and Kathy McElroy 05/15/2020 $50.00  
Anne Smith 05/15/2020 $25.00  
Susan Leslie 05/11/2020 $50.00  
Beth Reagan 05/10/2020 $20.00  
Amy Stein 05/10/2020 $100.00  
Eda Spielman 05/09/2020 $50.00 thank you Chris for participating every year!
Anonymous Friend 05/09/2020 $100.00  
Susan Nye 05/09/2020 $25.00  
Sharon deVos 05/09/2020 $50.00  
Howard Bauchner 05/08/2020 $250.00 Love you much.
Sylvia Wheeler 05/08/2020 $100.00 Thank you for your dedication to this important effort.
Christine Cambria 05/07/2020 $100.00  
Rachel Coyne 05/07/2020 $50.00 For Chris and Marianne McElroy. Love to you all!
Anne Fishel 05/07/2020 $100.00  
Arnie Bauchner 05/07/2020 $50.00  
Mathis Bauchner 05/07/2020 $100.00 Stephanie and Mathis sending our love and support to Christine and Marianne McElroy and everyone else participating this year. Thank you all so much!
Mara Vorhees 05/06/2020 $50.00  
Marcia Hams 05/06/2020 $100.00  
Susan Shepherd 05/06/2020 $100.00  
Hannah Stites 05/06/2020 $25.00  
Jennifer Fitch 05/06/2020 $120.00  
Quinn Knopp 05/06/2020 $150.00  
Abby Magee 05/06/2020 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 05/06/2020 $100.00  
Elizabeth Greig 05/06/2020 $75.00 Thank you for supporting Peace for all!
Anonymous Friend 05/06/2020 $100.00  
Nancy Bridges 05/06/2020 $60.00 Go Chris
Marianne McElroy 05/05/2020 $200.00  
Robin M. Brown 05/05/2020 $35.00  
Margaret Drury 05/04/2020 $50.00 Thank you for the work you do. I look forward to next year's walk.
Rob Moir 05/03/2020 $85.00 In support of gun violence victims and their families. Building safer neighborhoods for us all.
Anonymous Friend 05/01/2020 $20.00  
Kate Johnsen 05/01/2020 $100.00 Thanks to First Parish and LDB Peace Institute for all you do!
Kathy McElroy 05/01/2020 $50.00  
Valerie Fullum 04/30/2020 $50.00  
Karin Lin 04/30/2020 $100.00  
Don Tucker 04/29/2020 $40.00  
Ellen Mass 04/29/2020 $25.00 Love and Best Wishes for high returns.
Lois Markham 04/29/2020 $50.00  
Mary Anne Carlson 04/29/2020 $20.00  
Nancy Witwicki 04/29/2020 $25.00 Thank you for doing this very important work.
Grier Merwin 04/29/2020 $100.00  
Michael Wiggins 04/29/2020 $25.00  
Don Tucker 04/29/2020 $60.00  
Don Tucker 04/29/2020 $200.00  
Jeannette McInnes 04/29/2020 $100.00  
Peter Lowber 04/29/2020 $50.00  
First Church of Cambridge 04/29/2020 $500.00  
Janice Ellertsen 04/28/2020 $50.00  
Marcia Yousik 04/27/2020 $20.00  
Marcia Yousik 04/27/2020 $75.00  
Beverly Gleason 04/27/2020 $50.00  
Jean Farrington 04/26/2020 $75.00  
Eileen Sullivan 04/26/2020 $100.00  
Rae Simpson 04/25/2020 $25.00 Thank you for doing this!
Janis Puibello 04/24/2020 $20.00  
Peter Lowber 04/24/2020 $50.00  
Elizabeth Kline 04/24/2020 $50.00  
Camden Bauchner 04/24/2020 $50.00 Stay safe everyone!
Janis Puibello 04/24/2020 $100.00  
Carita Anderson 04/24/2020 $25.00  
Julie Duncan 04/24/2020 $100.00  
Joanne Glover 04/24/2020 $25.00  
Christine McElroy 04/22/2020 $20.00  
Ginger Ryan 04/19/2020 $100.00  
Catherine Aho 04/17/2020 $20.00  
Catherine Aho 04/17/2020 $100.00  
Irene Merwin 04/16/2020 $300.00  
Lois Josimovich 04/14/2020 $50.00  
Grace Hall 04/10/2020 $100.00  
Christine McElroy 02/27/2020 $250.00  
  Total $5,760.00